Summer 2015 (Short) Opinions

I watch a ton of anime just to select my favorites and then (maybe) finish them. This season is no out of the ordinary~ Except that this time I finally have the time to write about my first impressions of what I’ve watched, perhaps to practice my writing skills, perhaps to help others decide if they want to watch these shows too. Saving Junjou Romantica, all opinions are based only on the first episodes,

For readers convenience, each title opens a new page that redirects to the anime page on Hummingbird. There you can check for synopsis, seiyuu, quotations, number of episodes and other information. (Why Hummingbird not MAL? Because I like Hummingbird a lot.)

Watched: Junjou Romantica 3, Hetalia: Twinkle World, Chaos Dragon, Akagami no Shirayukihime, Gangsta., Charlotte, Overlord, Rokka no Yuusha

Junjou Romantica 3


Seven years after the release of Season 2, six years of expectations for me. -sigh- It sure has been a lot of years being a fujoshi?

The first episode had everything I’ve expected. Misaki and Usami being the weird couple they have always been, cockblockers everywhere, someone being interested in one of them and cockblocking all the way, some slight obligatory drama to help the story move on, spicy and fluffy moments between them ʕ◞́ꈍ∇̍ꈍ)◞

Romantica has never been much of my liking from all the Nakamura Shinjuku pairings (Junjou + Sekaiichi), so these first episodes so far have been just a fresh and soft start anticipating the moment when I’ll finally see my otp again, Egoist.tumblr_inline_mto5g01zRR1qid2nw

Hetalia: The World Twinkle


Another series I watched a long time ago. (Precisely, seven, since I saw Junjou during seventh grade and this came a year after)

Hetalia: Twinkle World stays fateful to the Hetalia franchise. If you liked previous Hetalia seasons, you’ll like this one too. It kept the classical historical jokes, the same characters we love and I don’t know if it is just me but they changed China’s seiyuu? Not sure about this tho…


Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki


I created very high expectations for this series thanks to being based on a tabletop role-playing session done by some guys famous for being great writers (to name the main culprits: Gen Urobuchi, Ryohgo Narita ).

It wasn’t… *sighs* To be fair it was about a quarter of what I expected.

The first thing I found very annoying and off was the whole combination of art, animation and CGI usage. Art was very off and presented a very bad combination of “unique” clothing. When the cast was presented, I found the main character very cute and lovely but upon watching the anime I’ve been puzzled with several questions such as “Why does he wear such a short skirt?”, “Is that actually a skirt?”, “Does this really works to like hide your underwear or I am free to expect pantie shots from him?”. I really hope at least one of them is answered during the series, jk. CGI is most likely to look odd on anime so it must be used VERY wisely. This wasn’t the case, since we’ve got a very weird looking dragon instead of stunning and brutal scenes of the supposed war that is happening and is horrible but of whom we just got the very basics. Animation was fine but was dragged along and suffered.

The story seems interesting. Two countries start a war to conquer the whole world and our little MC’s country is stuck between them and hasn’t enough power to counter attack so all their citizens live in fear of soon being either slaughtered or turned into slaves. One of the big bad countries end up attacking MC’s village, he tries to escape with his loved ones but it doesn’t quite work and he ends up being the chosen one by the legendary Red Dragon sacrifying his friend and acquiring new powers that can be used to save his country and maybe end the war. Cliche af but not bad. Not bad and very intensive, and I do love some intense anime ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Last but not least, the soundtrack was very good. I’m not the biggest critic when it comes to soundtrack because for me, there are only two kinds of soundtracks: memorable or forgettable. This is surely a memorable one and for good reasons but music alone isn’t quite enough to keep me interested for more than four episodes….


Akagami no Shirayuki-hime


After being disappointed by Chaos Dragon, I decided to watch Akagami to Shirayukihime just to get even more depressed (or to give Chaos Dragon an impression of “oh it wasn’t THAT bad, well look at this it’s worse”) and end my suffering sooner.

I had very low expectations for this show because I’m a hardcore fan the Grimm’s Fairytale and if you dare do a bad adaptation of their tales, I will remember. Forever. To make matters even tougher for this series, my favorite tale is Snow White and I could not accept an adaptation of such a classic where Snow White doesn’t have lips as red as roses, skin as fair as snow and hair as black as ebony (side eyes at Ever After High’s Apple White). That’s the Snow White character, if you take those traits away she is just not Snow White anymore but a new and completely different character…

I started watching and soon used a very tricky ability of mine to overcome all my old geezer attitude towards the premise, which is to pretend the object in question isn’t related to a previous one in any matter or form. (This is so handy~) Done that, I started enjoy the show for what it is, not what I wanted it to be and the result was very satisfying.

Our Red Hair Shirayuki is a very gentle girl who works as an apothecary in her village. One day, she receives a very unusual and forceful invitation to become the prince’s concunbine. Unable to decline, she runs away from his territories and meets a white haired swordsman. They befriend each other very quickly but the poor guy ends up being poisoned by the prince by accident and Red Hair-chan is forced to go see him to retrieve the antidote for her friend. When she’s about to accept and become his mistress, her friend barges in revealing he’s also a prince of a more important country and rescues Red Hair-chan. He then asks if she wants to join him and his friend and she accepts.

Sweet. Adorable. Shoujo.

Ignoring the poisoned apple presented in the episode, this had about zero to do with Snow White and was more of an original fairytale-like story which I liked a lot. Totally going to keep watching and having a lot of shoujo dokis.tumblr_inline_mgu3l152Aw1qk1or3



I’ve decided to check on Gangsta. for the unusual setting it presented. I expected a somewhat more realistic, less glamorous and critical representation of gangsters, like what was done with Michiko to Hatchin representing the South America that isn’t Carnaval, the Amazon rainforest and Futebol *ughs internally*.

For the first episode, it doesn’t seem as much critical and realistic (not even a bit realistic at all) as I expected but still doesn’t glamorize the lifestyle and shows it’s ugliness and immorality. Perhaps, as it develops, it’ll explore deeper. Looking forward to what this series might become.




Yet another series where someone gets trapped inside a game.

This time instead of being trapped with other players or being taken to another universe ruled by games, we get trapped with… NPCs. It’s sad to have a liking to these kind of animes because in the very roots, they are all the same (yet I will watch and will have fun and will love them all as if they’re unique snowflakes. sigh.).

OverLord has very average visuals, excluding main character who’s the embodiment of a total badass and just created a skeleton character out of so many options. (Honestly, I’ve met only one dude who did an ugly character on a game where you could do wonders and that was only because he wanted to mock me for creating a gorgeous elf prince.). Kudos to him for A+ character.

Can’t say much about it because… I simply didn’t get enough information. He’ll try to escape? He’ll stay? What is happening?

Characters were very nice and … I’m particularly very attached do Albedo already. That ending yo.

Also: Albedo is possibly my best girl of the season.




People said this was gonna be some amazing stuff and I’m not doubting.

Charlotte started with a very likable Main Character who’s the embodiment of twitter/tumblr kids getting superpowers. Flip some skirts, touch some boobs, cheat on tests, nothing remarkable and all around stupid and useless. Can’t blame him tho, I identified very hard at the “cheat on tests” thing.

Then we meet the main girl who’s a cutey and looks like a very good female lead. At least, I liked how she imposed herself in face of some idiot who’s just… too idiotic to understand that he isn’t an average human being who can roam around freely or even better that he could go to a school to train his superpowers…

Overall, the visuals were very good but that was to be expected and soundtrack just… average. (Tbh I’d even label it as forgettable but hey I watched a single introductory episode let’s hold these horses)

Our MC then moves and that’s when his story actually begins. I’m expecting a very delightful second episode since Charlotte actually made me laugh and made me get intrigued.


Rokka no Yuusha


Rokka no Yuusha managed to fulfill my expectations in a way that I just wasn’t expecting at all. I wanted and expected something new… And it is.

The anime started with this red haired dude defying everyone in some temple saying he’s the strongest man on earth and that he’ll become one of the legendary heroes of an old legend. It happens that a very important ritual was being taken on that temple, at that exact moment and he just… Interrupted everything to ask how he could talk to the goddess so that he could become a hero… Very flashy and very rude. Various guards try to stop him and a very interesting fight takes place, where he tricks them with very unusual weapons such as darts, smoke and poison. I personally got very interested from there on, since I was expecting a very usual fairy tale story with a swordsman and the same old swords and

Rokka managed to get me looking forward to it’s next episode but I felt a little down by it’s premise of having “fated heroes” because that adds the let down element of them all, the atrocious “i knew they were going to win because they’re the choosen ones OP af“. If the story keeps on well, this might turn out very interesting tho.

Ps: character design failed quite well here too on some characters (rolls eyes at bunny girl and censored nips gal&guy).



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