A Beginner’s Guide to I★Chu (アイ★チュウ)

So you wanna join the male idol game hell, huh?

Hello and welcome to Aiden’s guide to the Japanese mobile game アイ★チュウ (Ichu), a little guide that was made in roughly a day to help new players with little to no Japanese knowledge enjoy the game to it’s maximum! The guide is divided in Starter Guide, Mid Guide and Extra Guide. Starter contains translations of the game but they are probably bad and inaccurate since I’m not fluent in Japanese and learned most of it by trial and error. Mid is a little more advanced and contains less translation and more in-depth information. It’s still under work and should be improved with time! Extra Guide are useful extras, such as blogs to follow, tags and official accounts. Updates are listed in the very bottom of the guide.

(Bro tip: Use Control+F to search for specific words and find what you’re looking for easily.)

Are you ready?

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